Division of Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Staff Contact Information

Office of the Vice President of HRDMA
Name (as email link) Title Phone
Wanda Heading-Grant Vice President 656-8426
Krista Walter Executive Assistant 656-8426
Diane Gaboriault Associate Director, Business Operations 656-2089
Lauren Cartwright Compliance 656-0675
Krista L. Malaney Compliance 656-5766
Paul Yoon Senior Advisor for Diversity Assessment & Research 656-7854


Diversity, Engagement & Professional Development
Name (as email link) Title Phone
Sherwood Smith Senior Executive Director/Director, Center for Cultural Pluralism 656-8833
Masha Shelukha Administrative Assistant 656-8833

Mosaic Center for Students of Color (656-3819)

Bev Colston Director 656-8671
Sarah Childs Assistant Director 656-3819
Daniel Tovar Coordinator for Programs & Student Leadership Development 656-0340
Tatiana Martinez Office Manager 656-7882
Jaydeen Santos Student Services Advisor 656-4486
Valeria Pinzon-Mendez Interim Coordinator for Underrepresented Student Retention and Success 656-1250

Center for Cultural Pluralism

Laura Engelken Interfaith Education & Engagement Director 656-4703
Marie Waterworth Administrative Coordinator 656-9727

Prism Center (656-8637)

Kate Jerman Director 656-1837
Evan Litwin Program & Administrative Support 656-1762
Education and Outreach Coordinator 656-8637
Alex Hazzard Student Empowerment Coordinator 656-4907

Professional Development & Training (656-5800)

Joel Shapiro Director 656-0966
Paul Goldberg Administrative Assistant 656-5800
Oleh Kaarmik Talent Development Specialist 656-2568
Christa Hagan-Howe Diversity Trainer 656-0630

Women's Center (656-7892)

Melissa Murray Director 656-2925
Sarah Mell Education & Outreach Coordinator 656-7892
Judy Rickstad Coordinator of Advocacy & Violence Prevention Services 656-9538
Catarina Campbell Program Leadership Development 656-4637
VACANT Office Manager 656-7892


Human Resource Services
Name (as email link) Title Phone
Jes Kraus Chief Human Resource Officer 656-3368
Kayla Dewey Administrative Assistant 656-3368

AA/EEO Office (656-3368)

Nick Stanton Director 656-1262
Amber Fulcher ADA/504 Coordinator 656-0945
Emily McCarthy Title IX & EEO Investigator 656-3368
Taryn Moran Title IX Intake & Outreach Coordinator 656-1372
Kate Spence Title IX & EEO Investigator 656-8291

Benefits, Compensation & HRIS (656-3150)

Andrea Mast Classification & Compensation Director 656-3107
Greg Paradiso Benefits Director 656-3102
Sara Powell Benefits Support Specialist 656-8042
Allison New HRS Process Coordinator 656-3109
Kim Gaboriault Lead Benefits Admin 656-8041
Theresa Gookin Classification Analyst 656-0003
Collette Toussaint Benefits Advisor 656-3310
Caitlyn Sisler Benefits Advisor 656-3103
Holly Zanes Classification Analyst 656-3103

Labor Relations & Employment Services (656-3150)

Mary Brodsky Director 656-1893
Kait Rooney HRIS & Operations Manager 656-3108
Megan Boucher Faculty Services Supervisor 656-4440
Britta MacAlpine Wellness Program Specialist 656-2696
Rodman Cory Labor Relations Professional 656-4499
Noel McCann Faculty Administrative Coordinator 656-3486
Coco Hall Faculty Administrative Coordinator 656-0314
Kathleen Kemp Administrative Assistant 656-3478
Amanda McIntire Labor Relations Professional 656-2412
VACANT Labor Relations Professional 656-8538
Julie Mueller Customer Service Generalist 656-3150
Mackenzie Munro HR Transaction Specialist 656-0678
Jamie Peterson Customer Service Generalist 656-7715
Rafae Khan HR Systems Coordinator 656-4089


Division of Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
University of Vermont
85 South Prospect Street
346 Waterman Building
Burlington, VT 05405-0160

Phone:  802-656-8426
Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm