Honors College Summer 2022 Assignment

In a 1990 interview with Bill Moyers of PBS, Toni Morrison defined the term “master narrative”: "The master narrative is whatever ideological script that is being imposed by the people in authority on everybody else.  The master fiction.  History.  It has a certain point of view.”  For your essay on Between the World and Me, first briefly describe the American master narrative that Coates identifies, highlighting some of the phrases that Ta-Nehisi Coates uses to characterize that narrative.  (This description should be confined to one or two paragraphs of your essay.)  And then discuss the alternative version of American history Coates brings forward in his book, what we’ll call the “counter narrative.”  Be as a specific as you can in that discussion, thinking also about the way that Coates’ distinctly personal voice in his book contributes to that counter narrative.

You will bring this essay to the first day of your HCOL 085 seminar.  Your finished paper should be no more than about 750 words (two to three pages, double spaced).  It should be titled and marked with page numbers.  Please note that no outside research is expected for this assignment.