Honors College Summer 2022 Assignment

Coates writes: “So much of my life was defined by not knowing” (63) and indicates that “the questions matter as much, perhaps more than, the answers” (116). Develop an argument about how Coates arrives at an awareness of what he does not know and how he demonstrates to Samori, and to us, the way to find, not new answers, but new questions about the ways we think about race in the United States. Using passages from the text for support, make a claim about his most crucial or surprising insights related to thinking through race and racism. 

You will bring this essay to the first day of your HCOL 085 seminar.  Your finished paper should be no more than about 750 words (two to three pages, double spaced).  It should be titled and marked with page numbers.  Please note that no outside research is expected for this assignment.