1 - Fellowships for Undergraduate Students

Udall, DAAD Undergraduate, Boren, Truman, Beinecke Goldwater, Gilman

2. Fellowships for Graduate Students

Boren, Carnegie, DAAD, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, Jack Kent Cooke, Madison, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Soros

3. Breakdown of Fellowships: What Year to Apply

Many fellowships have an early fall deadline, so in order to maximize your UVM fellowship resources start your application after winter break! Give yourself plenty of time to meet with the Fellowship Office, touch base with faculty recommenders, research your proposal and write (and rewrite) your personal statement. Some undergraduate fellowships, including the Truman and Udall, have early spring deadlines. If you are interested in these opportunities, make sure you start your applications

  • Freshmen: Boren, DAAD Undergraduate, Killam, Udall
  • Sophomores: Udall, Goldwater, Gilman
  • Juniors: Boren, Carnegie, DAAD Graduate, Jack Kent Cooke Marshall, Mitchell, Fulbright, Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, Rotary, Truman, Beinecke
  • Seniors: Carnegie, Madison, Soros
  • Graduate Students: Fulbright, Boren, DAAD, Jack Kent Cooke, Madison, Marshall, Rhodes, NIH, National Science Foundation, Whitaker, Rotary

4. Fellowships for Domestic or International Study

  • Domestic: Soros, Carnegie
  • Domestic or International: Truman, Udall, Goldwater, Madison, Jack Kent Cooke
  • International: Fulbright, Rhodes (U.K.), Rotary, Marshall (U.K.), Mitchell (Ireland), Gilman, DAAD (Germany), Boren, Gates Cambridge (U.K.)

5. Breakdown of Fellowships: GPA Requirements

Each year every organization is inundated with outstanding applications, so in order to begin to find the most highly qualified candidates oftentimes they will use a minimum GPA to begin to pare down the field. A high GPA is not the only requirement for a fellowship, but it does help to get you through the first round for these awards:

  • Boren: 3.5, relevant background
  • DAAD: 3.6
  • Fulbright: 3.4. Depending on the country, candidates putting together a research proposal sometimes need a GPA as high as 3.9.
  • Gates Cambridge: 3.8
  • Truman: 3.8
  • Jack Kent Cooke: 3.5
  • Marshall: 3.8
  • Mitchell: 3.8
  • Rhodes: 3.8
  • Udall: 3.8

6. Breakdown of Fellowships: Citizenship Requirements

Most, but not all, of the fellowships offered through UVM require U.S. Citizenship. Some of the opportunities encourage international applicants, depending on the country of origin and destination. For more information on citizenship requirements for certain awards, contact the Fellowship Office.

  • U.S. Citizens: Boren, DAAD, Fulbright Marshall, Mitchell, Truman, Udall, Gilman, Whitaker, Rotary, Goldwater.
  • U.S. Citizens, Green Card Holders, Permanent Residents: Soros
  • U.S. Citizens, U.K. and commonwealth citizens: Rhodes
  • U.S. Citizens and citizens of all countries except the U.K: Gates Cambridge

7. Age, Graduation Year, Other Restrictions

  • Boren: Only first-years, sophomores and juniors in application year, any age.
  • DAAD Graduate: Graduating seniors in application year, any age, German fluency or alumnae up to two years after graduating.
  • DAAD Undergraduate: Only sophomores in application year, any age.
  • Fulbright: Only graduating seniors in application year, or graduates, any age.
  • Gates Cambridge: Only graduating seniors in application year, or graduates starting new degree, any age.
  • Marshall: Only graduating seniors or alums who graduated after April two years prior to application year but before October 1 of the scholarship year (the year after the application year), i.e. 3 years prior to the year the scholarship is first used, any age.
  • Mitchell: Only graduating seniors in application year, or graduates, at least 18 but not yet 30 years old on October 1 of application year.
  • Rhodes: Only graduating seniors in application year, or graduates, at least 18 but not yet 24 years old on October 1 of application year.
  • Truman: Only juniors in application year, any age, planning public service career graduate studies.
  • Udall: Only sophomores and juniors in application year, environment-related, any age.

8. Duration of Fellowship and Maximum Funding Received

  • Boren: $20,000 ($10,000 per semester, up to two semesters)
  • DAAD Fellows: $11,000 for up to 10 months (includes stipend, study & research subsidy, airfare and travel, health & accident insurance)
  • DAAD Undergraduate Scholars: $10,000 for up to 10 months
  • Fulbright: $25,000 for up to one year.
  • Gates Cambridge: $84,000 for three years (covers full cost of studying and conducting research at Cambridge)
  • Goldwater: $15,000 ($7,500 per academic year)
  • Marshall: $56,000 estimated for two years ($28,000 per year, can go up to three years)
  • Mitchell: $30,000 (covers tuition and housing for a year, plus a travel stipend and $11,000 living expenses)
  • Rhodes: $28,000 per year for up to three years
  • Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar: $25,000 (covers round-trip transportation, tuition, fees, room and board expenses for one academic year)
  • Soros: $26,000/ year
  • Truman: $26,000 in total ($2,000 to complete an undergraduate degree, then $12,000 per year for the first two years of graduate school)
  • Udall: $5,000 toward college tuition