Honors College elective courses are developed each year to cover a broad range of topics including music & connection to culture, personal and professional development, and academic health and wellness. Honors College electives are only open to Honors College students, and include Music & Live Performance (HON 095/096), G.R.I.T (Gratitude; Resilience; Intention; Thrive), and Climb Your Own Way (HCOL 096).

Fall 2017 Electives

HON 095 Music in Live Performance - one credit - 6:30 - 9:30 pm

In this one credit elective course students will study and attend concerts, operas, and plays. Pre-and post-performance talks with artists will give the students an insider's view of the world of performance. Note that participation in the course requires attendance at class and the corresponding evening performance. No text required. Journal assignments.

  • September 22 - (Friday) Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Bronze Medalist: Daniel Hsu
  • October 7 - (Saturday)  Joan Soriano, Master of Bachata: an infectious, melodic dance and music from the Dominican Republic
  • October 27 - (Friday) Nobuntu - Choral group from Zimbabwe
  • November 3 - (Friday) St. Lawrence String Quartet - Award winning string quartet
  • November 13 - (Monday) Semer Ensemble - Klezmer Music

For more information on the above performances, visit the Lane Series website: http://www.uvm.edu/laneseries/concerts_and_performances