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YOU@UVM is a hub that gives you information to support your experience inside and outside the classroom. It helps you set and keep goals, connects you with resources on and off campus, and provides other online tools that support health and wellbeing. 

How does YOU@UVM work?

Complete brief assessments then create a profile in order to customize content. Set goals and check them off, read useful and relatable content, or search for specific topics and find articles, quizzes and more. YOU@UVM resources provide inspiration, advice and support.

Use your customized YOU@UVM website to explore strengths and areas for growth across three domains:

Succeed = academics and career
Thrive = physical and mental health
• Matter = purpose, community, and social dimensions

Log in and Confidentiality

Log-in through your myUVM account or directly at: https://you.uvm.edu and use your netID to create an account.

Your information is encrypted when accessing You@UVM, which means your personal information is secure and anonymous.

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Contact Info:

Contact John Paul Grogan 

(802) 656-0104 | john.grogan@uvm.edu