The purpose of the YOU@UVM portal is to connect students with campus resources and other online educational tools to increase UVM student health and wellbeing. The innovative digital tool promotes self- reflection, allowing students to be more proactive with their health and well-being in order to make the most of their college experience.

Students can complete brief assessments and create their profile in order to customize content. Users can set goals and check them off once completed, read useful and relatable content, or search for something specific.
Using the portal, students can explore their strengths and areas for growth across three domains:

SUCCEED = Academics / Career
THRIVE = Physical / Mental Health
MATTER = Purpose / Community / Social


Students log-in through their myUVM account or directly at: and use their netID to create an account. A student’s information is encrypted when accessing You@UVM, which means everything shared in the YOU portal is secure, anonymous and detached from the users name, netID and official University record. Users can feel confident seeking inspiration, advice and support. YOU@UVM is a safe, reliable place to turn for anything related to the college experience and is accessible 24/7.

Contact Information

For University-specific questions, contact John Paul Grogan, UVM Public Health Education Director within the Center for Health and Wellbeing.

(802) 656-0104 |