Welcome to Campus Connect

Developed by the Syracuse University Counseling Center, Campus Connect is a gatekeeper training program for college faculty, staff and students. The experientially based training is designed to enhance participant’s knowledge, awareness and skills concerning college suicide. The goals of the training are to enhance participant’s knowledge about suicide statistics, warning signs, referral resources; to increase empathic listening skills, communication skills, and to ask if individuals are thinking about suicide.

The overall guiding belief of Campus Connect is that if we are able to establish connections with individuals in crisis, they will benefit directly from the sense of support, validation, and contact our relationship provides. Additionally, it is believed that individuals in crisis will be more likely to follow through on referrals to professional resources if they feel heard and understood.

Campus Connect at UVM is facilitated by members of the Suicide Awareness Committee and training team.

On a college campus, who are the gatekeepers?

Gatekeepers are individuals who are in regular contact with students and are position to assist in identifying and referring students in crisis to the appropriate mental health resources. On a college campus gatekeepers may include:

  •     Faculty
  •     Student leaders
  •     Staff
  •     Advisors
  •     Counselors

Elements of Campus Connect:

  • Knowledge
  • Relationship / communication skills
  • Experienced self-awareness

Why is Gatekeeper Training necessary?

Research has demonstrated that approximately eighty percent of college students who died by suicide were not previously known to college mental health service providers. The goal of gatekeeper training is to develop a network of individuals within the community to assist in identifying and supporting students in crisis and referring them to the appropriate mental health resources.