The Swipe Out Hunger Meal Request Form must be filled out by University of Vermont Staff or Faculty.

Students that have expressed that they are financially struggling to purchase enough food may be eligible to receive Swipe Out Hunger meal swipes. This pilot program is intended to help students with short-term financial difficulties until another more sustainable funding source and/or community resources can be put into place. It is not intended to cover food/meals for the semester.
Students may qualify for up to 14 meal swipes per academic year; anything above this level may impact financial aid benefits.

If you are recommending the student receive additional meals or support above the approved number of swipes, please refer them to Student Financial Services at to see if they are eligible for additional financial aid. If you are referring a student to this program, we ask that you also check in with that student within 7-10 days for support and to ensure they have a longer term plan.

Meal swipes can be redeemed at the following locations: Central Campus Dining Hall, Harris Millis Dining, Redstone Unlimited Dining, and Northside Dining, during regularly scheduled hours. Please check out the UVM Dining website at for specific hours for each location. At this time, the program is not available during the summer months.

Swipe Out Hunger Meal Request Form

Please note: The UVM Meal Plan Office is open Monday-Friday, 8a-4:30p. Students will receive the meals on their UVM Catcard within the next business day. The student and the referring staff member will receive an email confirmation of this transaction. Further Questions? Contact Nicole Rohrig, UVM Dining Dietitian at or Melissa Zelazny, Director of UVM Dining at