Students interested in joining the Catamount Recovery Program are asked to complete an application on-line.  The application is password protected and will be directed to your email (with a separate email with the password). Once your application has been reviewed, CRP staff will email you to let you know of your acceptance status (please allow one week for response).

Request an application:

If you are interested in talking with CRP staff, connecting with CRP students, or visiting the community, please contact to schedule some time.

Process for being accepted and participating in CRP:

  • Request an application:
  • Fill out the application
  • Talk to CRP staff about resources
  • Request housing forms if wanted
  • Fill out housing forms (link to request housing)
  • Meet with Student Accessibility Services about CRP support
  • Set aside time for the CRP Class - Wednesdays 1:10-2:00
  • Request Override for class registration
  • Register for class
  • Join the Listserv to get emails
  • Join the Facebook group so you can be aware of what is happening
  • Come to Orientation in the Fall
  • Join us at our next lunch or event throughout the year