You might want to print this guide. 

Printable T-Break Guide

Many people appreciate having a physical booklet. You can flip through, mark up, and use the check boxes. (Who doesn’t love a checkbox, right?) There are even some pages in back for drawing and reflection.

The booklet version requires a printer that can do two-sided. You can also print a simplified version here.

Please note: everyone is welcome to print and use this for themselves. If you are printing off a bunch that’s awesome too. It would really help us to know how the guide is being used so if you are printing off a few please drop me a line and let me know. Also, please do not make changes without contacting Tom Fontana.

Booklet printing instructions

  1. Set layout orientation to “landscape”
  2. Choose “two-sided” (or “print on both sides”)
  3. Choose “flip on short edge”  (You might find this in advanced options)
  4. Once printed, just fold and staple (two should do the trick!)