Looking for a supportive community to practice/learn meditation and connect with others? Check out the UVM Mindfulness community. 

Mindfulness is essentially a practice of coming home again and again to the present moment with kindness and nonjudgmental curiosity. It is not about clearing your mind or getting rid of thought, so if you think “I can’t meditate because my mind is always running,” no need to worry!  Mindfulness is about learning to accept ourselves, our thoughts, and strong emotions – not making them go away.

UVM Mindfulness offers an array of weekly programs. Except when otherwise stated, all programs are drop-in and welcome newcomers to mindfulness and meditation All programs are free and open to students, staff, and faculty. 

BIPOC Meditation and Healing

Mondays, 5:30-6:30
Microsoft Teams (click the link to join)
Led by Mark Reck and Vanessa Santos Eugenio

These drop-in sessions are a dedicated space for BIPOC to begin or deepen their mindfulness practice and engage in mindful dialogue. Balancing traditional meditative practices within the context of our contemporary culture, meditation cultivates our natural wisdom and compassion. Meditation practice develops concentration, which allows us to calm and steady the mind. Together, we can help each other be free and liberated to heal ourselves and the world. 

Meditate and Connect

Wednesdays 5-6 pm
Living Well Studio

Each week will include a guided meditation, short movement practice, and time for sharing and connection. This drop-in group is open to all levels of experience and all identities. Newcomers are welcomed and encouraged to join. 

Authentic Relating Games

First Wednesday of the Month (10/6, 11/3, 12/1), 5-6:30
Living Well Studio

Connection is a key ingredient for happiness but it is not always easy to find. After more than a year of living in a pandemic, most of us are in need of some practice. Authentic relating games are designed to give you a playbook for how to begin to connect on an authentic level. Turning connection into a game provides a guiding structure and set of agreements for everyone involved. This removes stress and anxiety from connection and adds in an inviting element of play. Playing these games help build skills for any relationship: romantic partnerships, families, roommates, friends, community groups, teams, etc. Come play, connect, learn about yourself, and get to know others!

Mindful Living

Prerequisite for Spring 2022 Mindfulness Facilitator Training
Sign up in advance: go.uvm.edu/mindful2021
Two sessions: Mondays, 9:30-10:40am OR Mondays, 2:10-3:20pm (9/27-11/15)
Living Well Studio

Mindful Living is an eight week series that supports you to make meaningful connections with your peers, build skills for peace and well-being, and learn ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily life in college and beyond. Welcoming to students of all identities and all levels of experience! Pre-registration required. 

Learn more about Mindful Living and the Mindfulness Facilitator Training