Lake Champlain

UVM Students: Become a Mindfulness facilitator and offer meditation practices, trainings and outreach to your UVM community. Our training program will deepen your own mindfulness practice and prepare you to share mindfulness with individuals and groups.

This training will support you to:

  •     speak confidently about mindfulness and the benefits
  •     lead mindfulness exercises
  •     create mindfulness-based activities for different populations
  •     develop whole-hearted listening skills
  •     share your personal experience with authenticity
  •     examine how power and privilege impact teaching
  •     explore the connections between mindfulness and living your personal values.

Those who successfully complete all the requirements will receive a Mindfulness Facilitator Training Certificate from the UVM Mindfulness Program. Graduates of the program will also be eligible to join the Student Outreach Team.

  • Mindful Living Prerequisite

    The Engage Mindful Living series is designed to prepare you for the Mindfulness Facilitator training. The series is offered in both the fall and spring semesters.

    Engage Mindful Living is an 8-week series designed to support you to integrate mindfulness into daily life. Because each of us is different, you will learn a variety of mindfulness techniques to help you find ways of practicing that work best for you. Each week you will be given a short assignment to help you establish a daily mindfulness practice. All levels of experience are welcome!

Facilitator Training Requirements

  • Complete the Engage Mindful Living Series
  • Attend the 8-week training (70 minute sessions)
  • Attend the weekend intensive
  • Practice 20 minutes a day of mindfulness in your own
  • Set up and lead three practice classes within the UVM community.

Sign up for Mindfulness Facilitator Training by emailing