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Presentations and workshops are offered to UVM students in a variety of settings (e.g., residence life, student organizations, academic departments, and classroom lectures).

We accept requests submitted by students and/or staff and faculty.   Our program formats include workshops, trainings, lectures, discussions, information tables, pamphlets, and/or being present at various events. Topics include stress reduction, nutrition, mindfulness, mental health,  and generally topcis that pertain to your health and wellbeing. 

You Can Book a Mindfulness Class in Our Studio.

Gather your team, club, residential learning community, academic class, etc. for a mindfulness, yoga, and or stress-management session. This is a great way to build community with in your group while cultivating skills for self-care and well-being! Our outreach workshops can incorporate any of the following topics: Stress management, performance improvement, positive community and relationship-building, resiliency building, and overall support for well-being.

Book a Class Descriptions

What is Real Happiness? (90 minutes)
In this workshop we will bust some myths about happiness, address the shame that often comes from feeling anything other than happy, and explore mindfulness practices that support deep happiness– beyond that forced smile on Instagram! We will also do some activities that  normalize common challenges like self-judgement, insecurities, rejection, fear of failure, etc.  By participating in this workshop as a group you will have the opportunity to get real with each other. The goal is for everyone to feel more supported and less alone on the journey of real happiness.

Radical Self-care (60-70 minutes)
Taking care of yourself in college can be challenging and none of us can do it alone! As a group we will talk about what self-care means to each of us, do some reflective writing, explore some self-care mindfulness practices, and celebrate all the ways we are already caring for ourselves. We will also talk about resources on campus that can support your well-being. Your group will thank you for booking this class!

Mindfulness for Well-being (40-50 minutes)
Curious about how mindfulness could support your happiness, success, and well-being in college and beyond? In this workshop you will be introduced to some powerful yet simple mindfulness practices, learn about the benefits of mindfulness, and get some resources to help you realistically incorporate mindfulness into your busy life in college.

Yoga for Well-being (50-60 minutes)
Stressed out, over-committed, and looking for a self-care opportunity for your group, club, team, etc? Book this gentle and restorative yoga class! It is accessible to all bodies and abilities. No spandex required.


Please fill out the following form to request a program – we must have a minimum of two weeks advance notice to consider your request. We will be in touch within 2 business days after receiving the request form.

If you have any questions please contact us at livingwell@uvm.edu or (802) 656-0441.

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