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If your event is recurring please provide these details in the description field
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Write N/A if there are no registration requirements
Write FREE if event/ workshop is free.
Hat, Sticker, Button, T-shirt, Etc
i.e. 100. If you are unsure of how many units you'd like, make an estimate of how many you think you'll need and the marketing team will help you finalize that number.
Please include if you want your logo on it or not, what text you would like on the front and/or back of item (if applicable), and preferred color(s) if any.
Deadlines are subject to adjustment by the CHWB marketing team depending on the volume of time-sensitive requests we are processing. Write N/A if request is not time sensitive
The budget applies to printing costs and is most often applied to SWAG requests. Write unknown if budget is unknown and we will help you figure it out.
Is this a service that is offered on specific time/ dates or just a general service offered?
If recurring include that information in service description
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