This image shows a back pack with the message: black lives matter and it reads: examining white identity retreat

The Examining White Identity Retreat is an opportunity for students who identify as white to engage in self-reflection and build skills to create a more inclusive campus community.

The retreat is FREE and will be held during the weekend of March 20-21, 2020 at an off-site retreat center.  

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At the retreat, students will have the opportunity to:

• Conceptualize and articulate whiteness from a personal and systematic lens;
• Recognize and understand white privilege from an individual experience
• And the impact of white privilege on the UVM community and beyond;
• Build a community of dialogue and support in taking action against racism.

We will explore questions like:

• What does it mean to be white? How does whiteness impact you?
• What action steps can you take individually to interrupt racism?
• How can we make UVM a more inclusive community?


"I enjoyed the Examining White Identity Retreat because it provided a safe space to learn about yourself and others and how we experience and understand privilege and systems of oppression. The activities were engaging and challenged me as a participant to be open-minded and see different perspectives…..” - Cora, Class of 2015

"EWIR was a great opportunity to talk about an identity that I had not previously felt equipped to comfortably discuss. Getting the chance to go off campus and talk about systems of power with people I wouldn't have met otherwise made the retreat a valuable experience." - Abby, Class of 2017

"EWIR gave me the chance to explore my own identities more deeply, to learn more about systems of privilege and oppression, and to connect with other students who are interested in discussing social justice and working to create change here on our campus." - Emily, Class of 2015

"The Examining White Identity Retreat helped me to open up to difficult conversations about race in an environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and learning. The most valuable part of this affinity space, as with any, is being surrounded with people who share something in common with you and are willing to talk about what that identity means and how it shows up in our lives." - Nick, Class of 2017