UVM Counseling and Psychiatry Services compiled the following information to address mental health concerns that may arise during this difficult time.  This list is not exhaustive.

First and foremost, know that CAPS counselors are here for you. Here are first steps to getting help.

  • Crisis response and check ins: 802-656-3340
  • In the event of an emergency, call Campus PD: 802-656-3473 or dial 911

Hotline Services (Local and National)

  • VT Crisis Text Line  24 hour mental health crisis support: text 741741
  • First Call Chittenden County Crisis Line: 802-488-7777: Mental health crisis assessment and support. Clinicians can provide assessment over the phone, or via Zoom.
  • Howard Center Main Line: 802-488-6000 https://howardcenter.org: Chittenden County’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Hub.
  • National Grad Crisis Line: 877-472-3457: Support line specifically for graduate students.
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 802-273-8255: 24/7 Suicide prevention support.

POC Specific

  • TEXT STEVE to 741741 to access a culturally trained Crisis Text Line counselor.

LGBTQA Specific

  • Transgender Crisis Hotline: 877-656-8860: Support for trans identified people in crisis.
  • The Trevor Project: 866-488-7386: Crisis Support and Intervention for the LGBTQ+  <25 years old community
  • LGBTQA+ Hotline: 888-843-4564: Support and Intervention for the LGBTQA community of all ages


  • Veterans Help Line: 800-273-8255: Phone or Text crisis support for all veterans, service members, national guard and reserves, and their family and friends.

Substance Use and Recovery Support

If you are in recovery know that there are many online resources to help support you.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Online
    A platform offering virtual AA meetings. Find schedules, resources, and connections to others in recovery.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Vermont Find meetings in Vermont.
  • Refuge Recovery 
    Directory of online recovery meetings focused on supporting the refugee population.
  • In the Rooms 
    A “Global Recovery Community” supporting 500,00+ members. The sites provides access to online recovery support meetings, resources to maintain sobriety, and opportunities to connect with others in recovery.
  • WeConnect 
    An app based recovery platform, WeConnect is also currently offering free online recovery support meetings.

Other Resources: 
Links to AA Online and In The Rooms, as well as links to Speaker Tapes of AA speakers available to stream and download

Disordered Eating Support

National Eating Disorders AssoiciationCOVID-19 Resources Page
List of resources for virtual support for eating disorder recovery.

The Eating Disorder Foundation 
Site containing links to resources and support around disordered eating behavior. Currently offering free online support meetings with registration.

Additional Tele-Therapy Resources

  • Wellfleet Student CareConnect
    For students with UVM insurance, this is a platform that connects Wellfleet enrolled students to support via a crisis line (1-888-857-5462), and can help provide resources including community providers through their mobile app.
  • Talkspace Online Therapy 
    Online counseling by text, audio or video messaging at an affordable cost 
  • Better Help 
    Professional online counselors available 24/7, private and affordable 
  • Shrink Space 
    Connects students living in Vermont with counselors in the Burlington area for longer-term, ongoing counseling

Mental Health and COVID-19 Concerns

This global pandemic is a time of heightened anxiety and distress for all.  These resources offer some information and supports for Coronivirus specific concerns.