Pandemics such as coronavirus heighten inequities globally, nationally, and in our own communities in access to safety, healthcare, income, housing, and more. As Covid-19 spreads we see growing racism, xenophobia, and a need to take action to promote social justice and allyship.

The following resources and topics provide information on access to services for marginalized communities, tools to help you be a better ally, and information to help you learn more about these issues.

COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Communities

A spreadsheet containing state-by-state resources for undocumented communities
(Vermont does not have any information listed at the time of the completion of this document)

COVID-19 and Racism

Voices of Youth/UNICEF COVID-19 and Racism Web Article
A Web article discussing Racism in the face of COVID-19 featuring links, graphics, and other resources.

COVID-19 - Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources

Racial Equity Tools

This website,, provides a list of resources and tools for communities and activists to respond to immediate and ongoing issues of race and equity as they relate to the Coronivirus. 

Talking About COVID-19: A Call for Racial, Economic, and Health Equity

The Opportunity Agenda

An article that addresses how to advocate to local and state governments that they adopt policies to protect marginalized communities and individuals.