The Center for Health & Wellbeing holds your care in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

As professionals, our staff are expected to consult with one another, as necessary, to insure that your care is of high quality.

However, by law—and by the ethical standards embraced by our staff in the counseling and medical professions—we are not permitted to release any information about your care to anyone outside of the Center for Health & Wellbeing without your explicit permission.

Specifically, we will not release information about the facts or nature of your care to University officials, faculty, family, friends or roommates without this permission; a copy of medical or counseling records is available only after we receive a written request signed by you.

There are rare circumstances when we break this seal of confidentiality: when you have a very serious mental or physical health problem and are unable to assume responsibility for notifying others, when your life or that of another is in danger, or when we are presented with a valid court order requiring us to release records.

If you have any questions about how we respect the privacy of your health and counseling information, please do not hesitate to ask your counselor or provider.