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  • Day 21 and beyond:
    Tips and Resources... and thanks

If your break is now done

 Please keep a few things in mind before you partake. T-breaks work and your tolerance is now lower. Make sure that you…

  • start low and go slow: cut back by half or more
  • know that you have the skills to take a successful tolerance break
  • plan to take breaks periodically

If you are keeping it going

Here are a few ideas and resources…

  • If you’ve liked the routine of daily practice you might either start this over or open to random pages. For a community of people taking a break, check out r/Petioles on reddit
  • If you are considering stopping cannabis completely check out Marijuana Anonymous’ (MA) 12 questions. For a community of people who abstain, check out an MA meeting or r/leaves
  • If you like seeing your numbers check out the Grounded app.  It counts your t-break time and shows the money you saved.

Thank You

This guide would not be possible without the insight, editing, and support of so many people, most especially, the students who have shared their stories and experience: BC, KP, BD, SL, MB, MK, AT, MW, SK, JS, CH, CS, AW, BP, EP, BL, AC, GI, GO, RJ, JF. Special editing thanks to student and star Kaisy Wheeler- you have a gift. (And you hate when I start a sentence with “and.”)Thank you to colleagues in the field, who have been generous in spirit and mind: Amelia Arria, Brian Bowden, Diane Fedorchak, Peter Jackson, Jason Kilmer, Nancy Reynolds, Peter Rives. The idea for this format came from the Student Well-Being Center at Notre Dame. Thanks ND. And thank you to the University of Vermont and to my co-workers in Living Well for supporting this work. Y’all are kick ass awesome.