Greenland Ice

Research accelerator. Problem-solver. Think (and do) tank.

The Gund Institute for Environment is all these things. World-class research is central to our mission: to mobilize scholars and leaders to understand and solve the world’s critical environmental problems.

The need for research and solutions is clear: Global warming is changing our planet. The global population is projected to hit 9 billion by 2020. The systems that sustain us – food, water, air and energy – are buckling. From rising oceans to extreme weather, communities around the world face growing risks.

Research focus

Solving these environmental issues requires focus. That’s why Institute scholars work together – along with business, government and civil society – on an evolving set of “grand challenges.” These initiatives connect explicitly with UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that our efforts directly support global issues and policy.

Our inaugural research initiatives will be announced Fall 2018, following consultation with university and community stakeholders. Until then, we will work more broadly on environment-related issues with clear links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ecological Economics will continue as a perennial initiative at the Institute, building on our national leadership in the field.

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