Gund Fellow, Associate Professor, Department of Plant and Soil Science

Stephanie Hurley is an Associate Professor of Landscape Design in the Department of Plant & Soil Science at the University of Vermont. Her research and teaching span disciplines within the fields of landscape architecture, ecological design, restoration, and planning. She is the director of the UVM Bioretention Laboratory, which designs and monitors green stormwater infrastructure in urban and agricultural settings. Her other recent research focuses on the use of landscape visualizations in stakeholder decision-making processes pertaining to adoption of climate change best management practices.



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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Landscape architecture, ecological design, restoration, and planning


  • Doctor of Design (DDes), Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA), University of Washington
  • BS, Conservation and Resource Studies, University of California, Berkeley


  • 802-656-9501
Office Location:

221 Jeffords Hall, UVM