Gund Affiliate, Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Severin T. Schneebeli, PhD is originally from Zurich, Switzerland. He completed a bachelor's degree at the University of Zurich in 2006 and received his doctorate in 2011 from Columbia University.

As an International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University with 2016 Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart from 2011–2014, Dr. Schneebeli's research focused on the synthesis and computer-aided design of hierarchical functional nanomaterials.

Since Summer 2014, Dr. Schneebeli is leading the Mesosynthesis Laboratory at the University of Vermont as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. He aims to answer the question how traditional chemical concepts — like selective recognition and catalysis for environmental applications — can be applied to precision-polymer synthesis. Dr. Schneebeli is particularly interested in inventing new ways to build readily accessible, real-time chemical sensors to detect pollutants in the environment.

Dr. Schneebeli is the recipient of a 2018 ARO YIP Award and of a 2019 NSF CAREER Award.


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Gund Affiliate Severin Schneebeli

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Chemical sensors, evolvable synthetic polymers, supramolecular chemistry, organic chemistry, materials science, complex chemical systems


  • International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, 2011–2014
  • PhD, Columbia University
  • BA, University of Zurich (Switzerland)


  • (802) 656-0252
Office Location:

Innovation Hall E346