Gund Graduate Fellow, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Over the past decade, Sarra’s academic and professional pursuits have been aimed at better understanding and contributing to the sustainable development of our global food systems. As a practitioner, Sarra has worked to identify inefficiencies along the food value chain in different parts of the world (with a focus on North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey) and has addressed them with innovative, sustainable solutions such as the unique blending of tailored finance and technical assistance. In parallel, Sarra has led a number of collaborative strategic initiatives, bringing together key players from the public, private, and civil society sectors to promote effective policy dialogue and improve food security. Sarra has over twelve years of international experience in program management, strategic business development, and advisory, with a strong focus on capacity development, innovation, and sustainability in the agri-food sector. 

As a student of sustainable international development, Sarra has been particularly interested in exploring innovative yet pragmatic ways to improve our food systems in order to optimize human health and wellbeing while respecting our planetary boundaries. Sarra is excited to dive deeper into this critical discussion through her research at UVM, and will endeavor to answer the transdisciplinary question: What does a truly sustainable plate (diet) look like?

Advisor: Amy Trubeck

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Competitive and sustainable value chains, food-health-planetary boundaries nexus, economic incentives, impact of culinary trends on producer/consumer behaviour, food waste, regenerative ag 


  • MS, Development Management, American University
  • BA, Economics, George Washington University