Gund Graduate Fellow, PhD, Plant and Soil Sciences

Throughout my academic career as an undergraduate, master's and now doctoral student, my deep interest in ecological health and human well-being have transported me across the natural sciences and social sciences: from environmental biology and ecology, to food security and agricultural sciences; from anthropology and economics to natural resource and disaster risk management; from policy analysis to participatory action research and evaluation. This interdisciplinary path continues as I study environmental governance and landscape ecology with Chris Koliba and Stephanie Hurley and work as a graduate research assistant on the EPSCoR Research on Adaptation to Climate Change Q3 Social Science, Policy and Governance team.  I would like my research on adaptive management of nutrient pollution under climate change and uncertainty to contribute to understanding the critical and often difficult space between the natural and social sciences, conservation and development, and science, policy and practice.  I am interested in how ecological and social values and opportunities for resilience can be communicated across landscapes, domains, sectors, and communities to promote sustainability.

Advisors: Chris Koliba and Stephanie Hurley


Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Human well-being, ecological health, economics, policy


  • MS, Agriculture, Food Security & Natural Resources, Tufts University
  • BS, Environmental Biology & Anthropology, University of Vermont

Curriculum vitae

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