Gund Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Arts and Sciences

Rebecca Diehl is a postdoc in the Department of Geography and with the Gund Institute at the University of Vermont. Trained as a fluvial geomorphologist, she is interested in understanding the functioning of river systems to more sustainably manage our water resources. For her current research, she is building a management framework that identifies the existing and potential capacity (with interventions such as restoration) of floodplains to retain sediment and nutrients in order to improve water quality and increase flood resiliency in the Lake Champlain Basin.

Rebecca received her PhD in Watershed Sciences at Utah State University and has a master’s in Geography at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Most recently, she was an NSF Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability Fellow at the University of Montana leading an interdisciplinary team in the development of a hydrologically-driven model of riparian ecosystem dynamics in the Colorado River Basin.

Dissertation Title: Mechanisms of vegetation-induced channel narrowing on an unregulated canyon-bound river

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Floodplain functioning, ecogeomorphology, plant-hydraulic-sediment interactions, geomorphic impact of invasive riparian plants, ecosystem flow quantifications


  • PhD, Watershed Sciences, Utah State University
  • NSF Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability Fellow, University of Montana
  • MA, Geography, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill