Gund Graduate Fellow, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

As a PhD student in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at UVM, Molly is interested in learning about and enhancing community resilience and sustainable operations of energy systems. Molly is a member of the IGERT Smart Grid program and is working on quantifying power system resilience in a data driven approach. Using utility outage data allows quantification of the resilience processes in power system events with few modeling assumptions and the inclusion of many event types.

Molly is passionate about finding sustainable ways to plan and prepare for human and environmental well-being during disasters. Before joining UVM, Molly worked on infrared spectroscopy at the Pacific Northwest National Lab. 

Advisor: Paul Hines

Gund Graduate Fellow Molly Rose Kelly-Gorham

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Community resilience, power systems, interdependent systems


  • BS, Physics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst