Gund Graduate Fellow, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Katie is pursuing a PhD in Plant and Soil Science, with a focus on Agroecology. Her research explores the nexus of agroecology, pedagogical innovation, soil ecology, and participatory action research. She is especially interested in exploring the mutual reinforcement of systems of social and ecological oppression. A commitment to rigorously exploring the transformational potential of agroecology to address ecological degradation and social injustice within agri-food systems undergirds Katie’s research.

Katie’s past professional experiences focused on outdoor and garden-based education and small-scale, diversified agriculture.

Katie is also pursuing certificates of graduate study in Ecological Economics and Agroecology. Outside of academia, Katie enjoys socializing over food, learning about coffee, and thinking about what it means to live well in place.

Advisor: Ernesto Méndez

Katie Horner, Gund Graduate Fellow

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Agroecology, pedagogy, PAR, soil ecology, social-ecological power relations, ecofeminism


  • MS, Food Systems, University of Vermont
  • BA, Environmental Policy, Middlebury College