Gund Fellow, Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics

Since 1987, Jane Kolodinsky has been a faculty member in CDAE at the University of Vermont and is now Professor in and Chair of CDAE and Director of the Center for Rural Studies. Dr. Kolodinsky specializes in applied economics- the application of the concepts of demand, consumer behavior, and marketing principles to improve consumer wellbeing.

Recently, Dr. Kolodinsky has been researching and exploring controversial food system policy issues including prices of sugar sweetened beverages, the economics of information related to the labeling of foods produced using genetic modification, and the use of subsidies to increase fresh food access for families with limited resources.

Dr. Kolodinsky has over 200 academic publications, and has received over $4 million dollars in funding for her research. She has been recognized for her teaching and public service, and in the continued development of CDAE as a transdisciplinary department relevant to community needs in Vermont, nationally, and around the globe.  She has a robust interest in Food Systems, serving on the Food Systems Master's faculty and steering committee, which she also chaired.


Gund Faculty Fellow Jane Kolodinsky

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Concepts of demand, consumer behavior, and marketing principles to improve consumer wellbeing


  • PhD, Consumer Economics, Cornell University
  • MBA, Kent State University
  • BS, Dietetics and Nutrition, Ken State University


  • 802-656-4616
Office Location:

202 Morrill Hall, UVM

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