Gund Affiliate, Adjunct Associate Professor, UVM Dept. of Political Science

As a writer, thinker, teacher and public intellectual, Eric Zencey worked to bring Ecological Economics out of the academy as a system for understanding the political, economic, social, and environmental challenges facing our civilization. At Gund, he has served as coordinator and author of Vermont's annual Genuine Progress Indicator report, a policy and budgeting tool for the state. 

Eric Zencey Prize in Ecological Economics

In honor of Eric’s work, and to encourage others to join it, the Eric Zencey Prize for Ecological Economics will be awarded every other year to the best book or work of long-form journalism that illuminates current affairs while advancing public understanding of the principles of Ecological Economics—a school of economic thought that cautions us that there are limits to the amount of economic production our finite planet can support.

The Zencey family, friends and colleagues have created an endowment for the prize. With your help, this fund will continue to grow to ensure that work like Eric’s will continue to challenge what Eric called the “infinite planet assumptions” that underlie much of our political and economic thinking.

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Eric's essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Adbusters, Orion, The North American Review, The International Herald Tribune, The European Tribune, and The History News Network.

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  • PhD, Political Philosophy/Science History, Claremont Graduate University