Gund Affiliate, Adjunct Associate Professor, UVM Dept. of Political Science

Eric Zencey has pursued a career as a writer as well as scholar and teacher, and his work is located at the intersection of ecology, history, economics, social theory, political science and political theory. Lately he has been working to discover and articulate elements of the conceptual infrastructure we need if we are to have an ecologically, politically, socially sustainable society. At Gund he is the Coordinator of the Vermont GPI Project, which is compiling an updated Genuine Progress Indicator for Vermont for implementation as an alternative policy and budgeting instrument in the state.


Eric's essays have appeared in Orion, The North American Review, Adbusters, The Chronicle of Higher Education, on the op-ed pages of The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, and online in The European Tribune, The History News Network, and The Front Porch Republic.


  • PhD, Political Philosophy/Science History, CGU