Gund Graduate Fellow, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Edward Marques is a PhD student in the Department of Plant and Soil Science. Edward’s Ph.D. research examines how domestication and breeding have altered agronomically important traits such as nitrogen use and plant-soil feedbacks. The identification of lost phenotypic diversity provides us with the possibility of breeding back lost beneficial traits into crops to sustainably enhance agricultural production.

Before coming to UVM, Edward was a research scholar at ICRISAT. There he researched the viability of growing a new market type of chickpea (cosmetic stay-green chickpea) in the harsh drought climate of the semi-arid tropics, particularly assessing if this new green-seeded trait resulted in a fitness (growth and or yield) tradeoff. The information gathered from his research is being implemented at ICRISAT to promote an alternative crop that impoverished small-hold farmers can grow to lessen financial burdens.

Advisor: Eric Bishop von Wettberg

Gund Graduate Fellow Edward Marques

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Agroecosystems, plant-soil feedbacks, plant-microbe interactions, domestication, sustainability


  • MS, Biology, University of North Florida
  • BS, Biology, Florida State University