Gund Postdoctoral Fellow, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Christine's current research at the Gund Institute for Environment examines the role of heritage narratives in guiding responses of diverse human communities to a range of health impacts associated with global changes in temperature and precipitation trends (including extreme weather events) in the Northeast, Midwest, and Western U.S.

Her recent PhD in Forestry at Michigan State University focused on understanding reasons for resistance among residents in Detroit, Michigan to a street tree-planting program conducted by a non-profit organization. This study revealed that a key driver of resistance to tree-planting related to residents' desire for greater involvement in the decision-making process--a desire which stemmed from their historical experiences in the city expressed through stories called heritage narratives.


Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Natural resource policy, collaborative governance of natural resources, community-engaged research and practice, environmental justice, political ecology


  • PhD, Forestry, Michigan State University
  • Master of Public Affairs, Indiana University
  • MS, Environmental Science, Indiana University
  • BA, Political Science, Michigan State University