Gund Graduate Fellow, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Charlie Nicholson

Prior to arriving at the Gund Institute, Charlie earned a BA in Biology from Skidmore College focusing on Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. He then followed his passion for plant sciences and spent two years in Philadelphia working in the botany departments of both the Morris Arboretum and the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. Captivated by the novel vegetation in his new home he set out to research the plants that comprise urban apiflora. Through pollen analysis he examined the diversity of plants used by honeybees.

Currently, Charlie is interested in the delivery of pollination services to Vermont's farms and food system. He aims to understand the crop production benefits provided by native pollinators, particularly native bees. The goal of his research is to demonstrate incentive for the conservation of pollinators and the land they rely on.

As the son of two botanists, Charlie credits his present academic interests to the time spent on long walks in the woods with his family in western Massachusetts. He still enjoys following in their footsteps.

Advisor: Taylor Ricketts


Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Pollination biology, sustainable agriculture, landscape ecology, species conservation


  • BA, Biology (Evolution, Ecology & Behavior), Skidmore College