Gund Graduate Fellow, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

After spending over a decade in the business world Bonnie returned to school because she wanted her career to be impactful. She could no longer sit back and listen to the catastrophic changes being visited upon our planet, and believed that her background in business, psychology, and entrepreneurship could lead to a unique contribution to environmental best practice. She is currently working toward her PhD in Natural Resources with a Certificate in Complex Systems. Her area of focus is the energy system transition and the sociotechnical revolution that is underway as our energy generation processes move from fossil fuels to renewables. More specifically, her work focuses on the niche innovations that play a major and transformative role in catalyzing such a significant shift.

In order to more fully flesh out the intersection between energy, the environment, and entrepreneurship she has worked extensively in both the Natural Resources and Complex Systems departments, gathering insights from each that complement one another in surprising and potentially powerful ways. By engaging with an inter-disciplinary set of staff and students she is learning how to frame and deliver important messages about environmental best practices to key stakeholders in the energy industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ultimately, she hopes to drive change in the energy industry, encouraging new technological innovation to solve some of the worlds most important problems.

Dissertation Advisor: Jon Erickson

Dissertation Committee: Jane Kolodinsky, Erik Monsen, Paul Hines, Josh Farley, Jon Erickson

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Sociocultural transition, energy system transition, smart grid, institutional entrepreneurship, renewable energy innovation



  • MBA, Babson College
  • BS, Psychology, Trinity College