Gund Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Arts and Sciences

Drew Christ is a Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of Geology at University of Vermont.  He received his PhD in Earth Science from Boston University where he studied the response of the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets to climate changes over millions of years.   He has embarked to Antarctica several times to conduct field-based geological mapping and sample collection.

In the latter portion of his PhD, Drew came to UVM to learn cosmogenic nuclide geochemistry methods with Professor Paul Bierman in the Community Cosmogenic Facility. He loved UVM and Vermont so much that he wanted to stay for a Post-Doc.

Drew is a glacial geomorphologist who uses several field-based and lab methods to understand how glaciers and climate change sculpt landscapes through time. At UVM, Drew will be collaborating with an interdisciplinary group of scientists to devise a new approach to analyzing sediments deposited below the Greenland Ice Sheet.  Through this research, he and his collaborators hope to unlock new information about ice sheet dynamics in the geologic past as a guide for future warming and sea level rise. 

In the future, Andrew hopes to bring expertise about climate change in the polar regions to policy discussions concerning national security, trade, and climate resiliency.


In press

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  • Chamberlain, E.J., Christ, A.J., Fulweiler, R.W., in press, “Linkages between hydroclimate, landscape evolution, and biogeochemistry in an ice-block lake in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica”, Antarctic Science.


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Gund Postdoctoral Fellow Andrew Christ

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Paleoclimate, polar ice sheets, sea level rise, glacial geomorphology


  • PhD, Earth Science, Boston University
  • BA, Geosciences, Hamilton College
  • International Student, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ