Research in Greenland

Funded PhD opportunities with real-world impact.

The Gund Institute for Environment seeks outstanding PhD applicants interested in conducting interdisciplinary research on urgent global environmental issues.

Students at the Gund get a deep understanding of complex global issues, hands-on training in interdisciplinary research and problem-solving with world-class scholars, and real-world experience collaborating with government and business.

Gund PhD Research Assistantships

Gund students conducting fieldwork
  • Gund Research Assistantships support PhD scholarship across four global research themes.
  • Students receive up to four years of funding at $32,000 per year, tuition and health insurance.
  • Learn more about Gund Research Assistantships

Gund Barrett PhD Assistantships

  • Gund Barrett Assistantships enable PhD students to collaborate on urgent issues in engineering and the environment.
  • Students receive up to four years of funding, including an annual $35,000 stipend, tuition, and health insurance.
  • Learn more about Gund Barrett Research Assistantships.

Leadership for the Ecozoic

ecological economics
  • These PhD students seek mutually-enhancing human-Earth relationships in a global research-to-action partnership between UVM and McGill University.
  • Students receive three years of funding, including annual $27,000 stipend, tuition, health insurance, and internship.
  • Learn more about Leadership for the Ecozoic.

Gund Student and Alumni Stories

Phoebe Spencer, a recent Gund alumna

Learn about Gund students and alumni like Phoebe Spencer, who interned at the United Nations before joining the World Bank after graduation.

Key Dates

  • Applications open: Oct. 2019
  • Start date: Fall 2020.

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