City Parks Lift Mood as Much as Christmas, Twitter Study Shows

The greener the greenspace, the happier and less self-absorbed people are, Vermont team reports
city park

Feeling unhappy and cranky? The treatment: take a walk under some trees in the park. 

That may not be the exact prescription of your doctor, but a first-of-its-kind study shows that visitors to urban parks use happier words and express less negativity on Twitter than they did before their visit—and that their elevated mood lasts, like a glow, for up to four hours afterwards.

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people standing in front of tv monitor

Video Games Offer Clues to Help Curb Animal Disease Outbreaks

Strengthening biosecurity is widely considered the best strategy to reduce the devastating impact of disease outbreaks in the multi-billion-dollar global swine industry, but successfully doing so all comes down to human decision-making, a University of Vermont study shows.

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Image of smoke stacks emitting emissions.

Global Health Benefits of Climate Action Offset Costs

The price tag for cutting global emissions may seem expensive, until the human toll of deaths from air pollution and climate change are factored in, new research says.

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