Older Forests Resist Change – Climate Change, That Is

With age, forests in eastern U.S. and Canada become less vulnerable to climate change, study finds
Researchers stand in northeastern old-growth forest

Older is better – for forests facing climate change.

That’s the upshot of new University of Vermont research that finds older forests in eastern North America are less vulnerable to climate change than younger forests, particularly for carbon storage, timber production, and biodiversity.

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Image of smoke stacks emitting emissions.

Global Health Benefits of Climate Action Offset Costs

The price tag for cutting global emissions may seem expensive, until the human toll of deaths from air pollution and climate change are factored in, new research says.

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butterflyfish on reef

Fish Give Up the Fight After Coral Bleaching

A research team, including University of Vermont scientist Nate Sanders, found that when water temperatures heat up for corals, fish "tempers" cool down, providing the first clear evidence of coral bleaching serving as a trigger for rapid change in the behavior of reef fish.

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