The Image of Disaster: Spaces of Suffering, Times of Hope, Acts of Imagination

The Graduate College is pleased to present The Image of Disaster: Spaces of Suffering, Times of Hope, Acts of Imagination, a lecture by University Scholar Adrian Ivakhiv, PhD on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 4:30 pm in Waterman Memorial Lounge, Room 338.

This talk takes its impetus from two trends unfolding around us: the ongoing 'digitalization' of everyday life, as digital images, digital media, and digital data systems become increasingly intertwined within the management of human lives, desires, identities, and governance systems; and the growing recognition of an impending 'climate emergency,' wherein ever larger populations of humans (and nonhumans) become subject to the instabilities brought about by climatic and ecological destabilization. What, if anything, might a linked analysis of these two trends contribute to understanding each of them? Drawing from the author's work on image ontologies and changing media systems, and his research on the environmental and cultural politics of disasters (including the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident), the talk will speculate on the possibilities for hope amidst the foreseeable suffering of the coming decades.

Dr. Adrian Ivakhiv is a preeminent scholar working at the interface of humanities and the environment and has an international reputation as a leader in this field. His research and teaching are focused at the intersections of ecology, culture, identity, religion, media, and the creative arts.


Hannah Helme