With the semester in full swing, graduate students are back on campus (or maybe never left) and are more enthusiastic than ever!

Graduate Student Resource Fair

Graduate Student Resource Fair 2019This year’s Graduate Student Resource Fair was a huge success. With over 200 graduate students in attendance, and nearly 40 on- and off-campus vendors, this was the largest attendance yet for the annual resource fair.

The fair is meant to showcase the myriad of resources UVM and the greater Burlington area have to offer. Upon arrival in Burlington, many first-year graduate students come to rely on the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and the Graduate College to help them find local resources that will help them on their journey here at UVM. This year was no exception.

Graduate students had the opportunity to connect with offices on campus for many of their academic and student affairs needs, while also networking with off-campus vendors and maybe finding a hobby or two.  Each year this event just keeps growing and growing, and we hope to see this level of engagement from graduate students throughout the academic year.

Graduate Student Senate Senators’ Retreat

Fall 2019 GSS Senators' RetreatThis year was the second annual Fall Senators’ Retreat, and we all had a blast at the UVM Morgan Horse Farm in Weybridge, VT. There were more than 30 senators in attendance representing a variety of different graduate programs from STEM related fields to Business Administration. Guest speaker Sarah Mell from the UVM Women’s Center gave a workshop regarding power and privilege, and there was even a tour of the history of the horse farm from Margot Smithson, Operations Coordinator.

After all the fun, it was time to get down to business and discuss some of the most pressing issues graduate students face at UVM. From that discussion, eight action committees were formed.  Amongst them were graduate student housing, promotion of mental health, diversity and inclusion, parking and transportation, and graduate student life, just to name a few! The senate is already hard at work on these issues and are very engaged, focused, and motivated to see progress and make change.

GSS Barbecue at North Beach

GSS Barbecue at North Beach 2019The Graduate Student Senate had its annual BBQ at North Beach with over 100 graduate students in attendance. There was lots of fun had by all! This event is always a crowd favorite because it gives graduate students the chance to get to know each other very early on in the semester. It makes for great networking and even mentoring opportunities. Events like this really get everyone in a positive mindset for the semester ahead and excited to see what GSS has to offer, whether it’s upcoming social events, community service opportunities, or professional development.

So far, the semester has been off to a stellar start and we are really looking forward to what the rest of the academic year has to offer. GSS is very excited to work with our new University President, Dr. Suresh Garimella, and Interim Provost and Senior Vice President, Dr. Patty Prelock, to further the goals set by the GSS and improve the overall graduate student experience here at UVM.


Jessica Leigh Bocanegra