mortar boardToday we celebrate the years you spent in the Graduate College

    "Just because we aren’t walking across the stage and celebrating all together, does not diminish the major accomplishment we have achieved.  Think back to all the ups and downs and what it took to get here..." - GSS President, Jess Bocanegra

    A Message from GSS President, Jess Bocanegra

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    We Applaud You

    Congratulations from your Deans

    Cindy Forehand
    Graduate College

    “Congratulations to all UVM  graduate students completing their degrees this year.”

    Jean Harvey
    Agriculture and Life Sciences

    “I hope you are able to celebrate this important occasion with family and friends.  This day is about the hard work, dedication and passion you have put in over many years.  We are so proud of all you have accomplished and know you are going to make a positive impact in the world. We have been privileged to have each of you as a member of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and wish you all the very best."

    William Falls
    Arts and Sciences

    “Welcome to the ranks of UVM graduate alumni!  Earning a graduate degree is a remarkable accomplishment and reflects your incredible resilience, dedication, and passion.  On behalf of the faculty and staff of the College or Arts and Sciences, congratulations on this incredible achievement!”

    Sanjay Sharma
    Grossman School of Business

    “Congratulations on this important graduation milestone. You succeeded in such unusual and challenging times. We are very proud of your accomplishments."

    Scott Thomas
    Education and Social Services
    Interim Nursing and Health Sciences

    "Congratulations on completing the most rigorous formal education that society offers, in fields in demand at home and around the world, in the most uncertain of times. I am confident that you will find this accomplishment empowers you and strengthens your position in your profession. I wish you the best for your continued success. We are counting on you."

    Linda Schadler
    Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

    “Congratulations CEMS graduate student class of 2020! We are very proud of your accomplishments and wish you well. Your skills are critical to building a more equitable and sustainable world.  We know you will use them wisely, and are grateful for all that you will do. Please keep in touch and let us know of your successes!”

    Nancy Mathews
    Environment and Natural Resources

    “Hearty congratulations to our Rubenstein School graduate students for successfully completing your degrees! Your accomplishments inspire me every day and make me proud to be your colleague for life!”

    Richard Page
    Larner College of Medicine

    “On behalf of the Larner College of Medicine, I am proud to congratulate our graduate students in public health and the biomedical sciences.  Now, more than ever, the world will benefit from those with your talent, training and dedication.”



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