CollegeNet's Admin and Admit

Admin System: Admin is a product of CollegeNET; a tool for receiving application data and tracking all incoming applications

Admit System: Admit is a product of CollegeNET; a supplemental tool for admitting departments who want to manage their application evaluation process on-line after the Fall of 2014

WebXtender: used for applications before Fall 2014 and official document storage for current students.

Using Admit, you can:

  • Modify the evaluation environment to fit your admissions process
  • Evaluate applications through multiple rounds and support collaboration
  • Manage who is permitted to evaluate/view applications
  • Track application evaluations
  • Communicate application status updates to applicants
  • Create reports and searches

Note: CollegeNet's Admit & Admin are not replacements for UVM's Student Information System Banner.


Accessing Admit

Access to the Admit system requires an active UVM NetID

Log in to MyUVM

To open Admit:

  1. Click on "Resources" tab
  2. Scroll down to Graduate Application Review Materials
  3. Click on the Admit button
  4. Double click on the applicant name to access their data

UVM's Admission Process

Before you get started using Admit, it’s important to have an understanding of UVM's admission process.

Admitting Departments:

  • Determine application deadlines and requirements for admission.
  • Manage admission process at the department level.
  • Review admission material via Admit system.
  • Make admission recommendation to the Graduate College.

Graduate Admissions:

  • Administers university admission policies for graduate study.
  • Manages on-line application and supporting admission systems.
  • Receive applications and supporting documents.
  • Verifies bachelor’s degree conferral and assesses International degrees for bachelor’s degree equivalency.
  • Verifies receipt of test scores from testing agencies like ETS.
  • Determines English proficiency.
  • Determines conditions of admission.
  • Manages and processes applications for non-matriculated programs and graduate reinstatement.
  • Make admission decisions and communicate decisions to applicants. NOTE: All offers of admission are conditional until Graduate Admissions has verified that the student meets University requirements for graduate study (academic record, visa request (if applicable), English proficiency and receipt of official test scores.
  • Record admission decisions in Banner.
  • Track admitted student decisions; After the formal acceptance Graduate College receives official transcript(s) for all postsecondary institutions attended.
  • Verify official transcripts for possible discrepancies (e.g., altered grades, dates of attendance, etc) prior to extending offer of admission.

Refer to the Graduate Admissions Workflow chart for an overview of the admission process from applicant to matriculation.

Office of the University Registrar:

  •  Authorizes enrollment (matriculation).

Office of International Education:

  • Receives I-20/DS-2019 forms from incoming international students.

Student Financial Services:

  • Review financial need of graduate applicants for federal financial assistance

Admit System Pool Structure

  • Pools: Groups of applications
  • Pool Structure: Submitted applications and letters of recommendations (LORs) are moved into the Admit system and routed into pools through an auto process managed and maintained by CollegeNet.
  • UVMGrad Admit Pool: The top-level institution pool, which contains all submitted applications to Stanford from ApplyWeb, which is the system applicants use to submit applications. Only Graduate College Admissions staff and CollegeNET technical support have permissions to the UVMGrad Admit pool.
  • Grad School Decisions Pool: This pool is only accessible by the Dean and the Graduate Admissions Staff. This is also where correspondence is sent to the applicant.
  • Department Pool: Contains only submitted applications to a specific department (e.g., History pool when applicants select History). Department Admission Administrators have access to manage their department pool(s).
  • Child Pool(s): Each department can have multiple pools for applications to represent the multiple degree programs

Admit User Types

GC Staff: Graduate College Admissions Staff who have access to manage pools, create pools, move applications, edit columns, edit applications, create and edit tags, download PDF copy of applications and assign/edit administrative permissions to other users. Decision and Communication permissions are also held by Graduate Admission staff.

Program Chair: The program's chairperson so as to provide a back up to the program director for recommendations of applications

Program Faculty Director/Coordinator: Assigns a program official recommendation on the status of the application.

Program Faculty Reviewers: Faculty evaluators of the applications received

Program Staff Admissions Specialists: Program staff people who support the administration of the application process

CDE Staff: Continuing and Distance Education Staff administrators who are assisting CDE programs in their recruitment

UVM EAS: UVM's programmers who help to set up the behind the scenes features as it connects with Banner.

New Users: All new users to the Admit system must submit their First and Last Names, Role in the Graduate Admission process at the Department level, Emails Address, and UVMNetid to

PDF How To Guides

*Tip: Learn other basic Admit system tasks by viewing self-paced tutorials. Links are available in the Table of Contents in online help document. Navigate to online help document by clicking on down arrow next to your name in the upper right side of your window.