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The Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Review Committee (QRCRC) is responsible for the three-credit Quantitative Reasoning requirement. The QRCRC is a subcommittee of the Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate and may create its own subcommittees as needed. It is staffed and supported by the Office of the Provost.


  • Oversee the Quantitative Reasoning requirement
  • Review and approve proposed Quantitative Reasoning courses
  • Develop and oversee a mechanism for assessing outcomes of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement
  • Propose suggested changes to the diversity requirement as necessary, to the Faculty Senate
  • Develop and implement a policy for periodic review of approved Quantitative Reasoning courses, stipulating revisions as necessary
  • Develop and implement a policy for review and approval of substitutions and alternatives of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement on a case-by-case basis


The composition of the QRCRC shall be (a) one faculty member from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and (b) up to six members appointed by the Provost or his or her designee(s), chosen with a view to maintaining a diverse, balanced and effective Committee.  The QRCRC will consist of a maximum of seven members.

Members shall serve for up to two three-year terms but may return to service on the QRCRC after a hiatus of two years.

QRCRC Chair:

Joan Rosebush, Rosi:
Director of Student Success, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
402 Henry Marcus “Good” Lord House
Telephone: (802)656-8858

QRCRC Staff Support:

Catherine Symans:
Assistant to the Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning
Office of the Provost
348 Waterman
Telephone: (802)656-0903
Fax: (802)656-9220

QRCRC Members:

  • Lia Cravedi:, Senior Lecturer, Education Department, 533 Waterman, Telephone: (802 )656-1352
  • Judith Christensen:, Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychological Science Department, 234 John Dewey Hall, Telephone:  (802) 985-2034
  • Larry Rudiger:, Senior Lecturer, Psychological Science Department, 212A John Dewey Hall,Telephone:  (802) 656-2670


There shall be at least two curriculum review meetings and one policy review meeting per semester.
The presence of three voting members at any curriculum review meeting or a majority of committee members at any policy review meeting shall constitute a quorum.


Given the size of the Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum Review Committee (QRCRC), the typical number of meetings held per semester/academic year, and the typical size of the agenda for those meetings, the committee as a whole will handle requests from UVM students for the following:

  • Transfer Requests (courses taken elsewhere to count as fulfilling the Quantitative Reasoning requirement)
  • Credit for Non-Course Alternative
  • Retroactive Approval for Quantitative Reasoning credit (courses that have been completed within the previous two years of the date on which the QRCRC certified that course for Quantitative Reasoning credit)

The committee members will review all proposals.

Given that some QRCRC members are on 9-10 month faculty appointments, the committee may suspend review of requests during the summer months, taking up any proposals received during this time at the start of the academic year, with the aim of responding to these by the end of the first full month of the fall semester.

Transfer Request Proposals received from the Office of Transfer Affairs shall be distributed by the QRCRC support staff to this committee at least monthly, and the committee shall aim to review and respond to these proposals in a timely manner from receipt of the proposal.