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Assessment of the General Education Quantitative Reasoning Learning Outcomes

February 2, 2018

Quantitative Reasoning is the newest of the General Education requirements.  It became effective for the current academic year (2017-2018). 
The Quantitative Reasoning outcomes (competencies) are:

  • Interpreting data represented in a variety of ways, such as graphs, tables and charts
  • Solving problems through the use of patterns, numbers and charts
  • Evaluating the value and validity of provided information
  • Determining if the solution to a quantitative problem makes logical sense in the real world
  • Formulating alternative solutions
  • Communicating effectively the thought process used to interpret and solve the problem

Students are expected to achieve competence in at least four of the six outcomes. 

The Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Committee is developing a rubric to determine the extent to which students are achieving the outcomes. 

Joan Rosebush is Chair of the General Education Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Committee.