The Poster Presentation is the most popular format. Typically, the conference holds four sessions of 1.5 hour poster sessions across two ballrooms at either end of the building that host these sessions. In each session there is research from at least four different 'research categories' and they are grouped by those categories. A typical session has around 60 participants presenting at a given time. 

How many people should I expect to stop by my poster?

There is no predicting the number of people that will stop by your poster. The more engaging and legible your poster is from afar, the more people will stop and chat. Get tips and tricks on creating posters.

How do I go about making a poster?

NOTE: Colors and designs after printing may not be the same as on a computer monitor, so use care when choosing unusual colors and designs.

What can I do to prepare for questions?

Everyone should have an elevator pitch/stump speech/brief synopsis of their research ready to go. That is the first step to success. Practicing that 1-3 minute introduction of your research for a friend or your mentor is the perfect way to hear what kinds of questions they might have.

Who should do a poster presentation?

Data-driven research is an obvious poster presentation. However research with visual narratives can also make for great posters!

How can I get funding for my poster printing fee?

For undergraduates, Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research (FOUR) will cover the cost of printing your poster as long as you submit it by the due date (2019 Deadline: April 8 at noon). Graduate students are encouraged to reach out to their department or college to ask for assistance. 

Image of the Grand Maple Ballroom in the Davis Center on UVM's campus holding poster presentations.

"Everyone who came and stopped by my poster were interested in what I had to say. They gave me their full attention, asked questions, and even gave me compliments on my work. It was nice to see how engaged the community is." - 2017 Poster Presenter