Congratulations to this year's winners!

A committee of faculty and staff reviewed the entrants in this year's competition. Students had to submit responses to questions, judges viewed their presentations and scored them according to their ability to convey the importance of their work. Below you will find links to the student presentations that were judged to be the most clear, inviting, and engaging.

2020 Judged Session Winners


Brooke Bednarke
"Uptake of Targeted Activatable Nanoparticles Detecting Reactive Oxygen Species in vitro"
Hannah Bernier
"Effect of cardiovascular exercise on postural stability and cognition in mild Traumatic Brain Injury"
Emily Bruggerman
"A Symphonic Approach to Vospitanie and Obrazovanie: Education Policy in Putin's Russia"
Mariah Cronin
"Phytoremediation of lead-contaminated soils in Burlington's Old North End Neighborhood"
Julia Deziel
"An fNIRS Investigation of the Prefrontal Cortical Processing Demands Associated with a Communication Based Assessment for Mild Cognitive Impairment"
Kristen Dougherty
"Chagas Disease: Identifying Peptides in Trypanosoma cruzi Mass Spectrometry"
Gillian Gallagher
"Roadway Reclamation and Base Stabilization Technologies"
Tali Gelenian
"Ethnographic Storytelling: Sharing an Armenian Tradition through Collaborative Digital Media"
Carina Isbell
"Seed Producer Motivations for Maintaining Crop Diversity in Vermont"
Sophie Kogut
"Association analysis of endogenous retrovirus expression with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)"
Isabel Lisle
"UVM's Roadmap to Zero Waste"
Cai McCann
"Evolution of Variation: What contributes to mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in the Chagas disease parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi?"
Joscie Norris
"Vansemberuu of Khuvsgul, Mongolia: ecology, community knowledge, and conservation of an endangered medicinal flower"
Robert O'Connor
"Interneuron Loss in a Mouse Model of DNM1-mediated Epileptic Encephalopathy"
Adelaide Szczesiul
"An Ethnography of Trumpism in Vermont"
Camille Walton
"The Guinea Pig Club: Social Support and Developments in Medical Practice"



Matt Futia
Seasonal shifts in habitat use of lake trout in Lake Champlain
Christine Hamadani
Ionic liquide-grafted aliginate as a tunable biomaterial for nanoparticle anit-cancer drug delivery
Nick Rose
Consumer use of food lables increases as "clean label" trend continues
Molly Roush, Miriam Snider, Maggie Smith, Chris Sproul, Faith Cavacas
Does an exercise-based oncology rehabilitation program improve cancer-related fatigue and quality of life in individuals with a cancer diagnosis undergoing chemotherapy?
Miriam Snider
Survey of production management practices on organic, grass-fed dairy farms in the United States