Coming in Spring 2020

The Fleming Museum of Art presents several changing exhibitions annually, embodying a broad mix of styles, periods, and mediums. These exhibitions bring diverse examples of world-class art to Vermont, from historical icons such as Rembrandt and Picasso to international contemporary artists.


Lets Have a Ball: Wood Gaylor and the New York Art Scene, 1913-1936

Samuel Wood Gaylor's "Untitled (Penguins Sketching)," 1917

Spring 2020

The Fleming Museum of Art is pleased to announce the exhibition Lets Have a Ball: Wood Gaylor and the New York Art Scene, 1913-1936, opening in the Spring of 2020. Samuel Wood Gaylor (1883-1957) was a prime mover in the New York art scene from the 1910s to the 1930s, but has been unjustly overlooked by art historians. Curated by Fleming curator Andrea P. Rosen, in consultation with independent art historian Dr. Christine Isabelle Oaklander, this exhibition project spotlights Gaylor’s contributions to the heady and vibrant post-Armory Show American art world, in which groups of artists—some well-known, others forgotten—collaborated to promote the cause of modern art. Gaylor’s paintings, teeming with color and action, record art auctions, costume balls, and sketching sessions. The goal of both the exhibition and its accompanying catalogue is to paint a vivid picture of a city bursting with intersecting strands of burgeoning American modernism.

Image: Samuel Wood Gaylor (American, 1883-1957), Untitled (Penguins Sketching), 1917 (detail). Watercolor on paper. Gift of David Pitman 1958.16.4