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Ekphrasis is the vivid description of a work of art that functions as a communicative work of art in itself. Think of a poem about the awe of seeing a beautiful landscape painting or classical sculpture, in which the poet describes the scene, colors, mood, textures, and other details in a creative way. For this event, we’re updating the practice for contemporary artworks in the Resist! Insist! Persist! and Be Strong and Do Not Betray Your Soul exhibitions that are also interested in the communicative function of art in promoting a message.

Submit an ekphrastic poem in which you poetically describe one of the works of art in one of these exhibitions. These works are mainly photographs and prints, with vivid evocations of people’s values and commitments in portraiture and graphic messages. As you’re examining the details to describe the facial expressions, gestures, and bits of language the artists have used to communicate their message, consider how that message affects you as a viewer. What messages do you hear as you’re looking? What do you want to say back?

Submit your poem here, as a text entry or email it to as an attachment. Writers of selected poems will be invited to take part in a public reading on Wednesday, November 13. A collection of poems will be printed in a booklet available in the Museum.

Submissions must received by October 18.

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