Active Learning and Research

The Fleming Museum is a place of active learning for faculty and students at the University of Vermont and area colleges. The Museum's diverse collections and exhibitions provide primary source materials for many fields of study, and challenge students to think critically and creatively in a dynamic learning environment.

These are some ways that faculty and students use the Museum:

  •     Literature students discover visual parallels to poetry in 19th-c. American landscapes
  •     Medical students study portraits to sharpen skills in observation and description
  •     Education students gain new knowledge about integrating the arts in a multicultural curriculum
  •     Classics students explore the development of writing by looking at cuneiform and hieroglyphic inscriptions
  •     History students re-examine assumptions about Native American cultures


Professor-led Class Visits

A professor-led class visit to the Museum's Asian Gallery

Please schedule the date and time of your class visit to ensure that your teaching is not disrupted by another group in the gallery. Please review the Guidelines for Visiting the Museum with your students before your visit.

Complete the Academic Visit Request web form

Guided Class Visits

Students taking a guided tour of the Museum

Museum staff can also design tours that connect to your specific curriculum and learning objectives. For assistance with a guided class visit to the galleries, please make your request at least two weeks in advance.

Complete the Academic Visit Request web form

Viewing Objects from Storage

Student viewing objects from storage

Faculty may arrange to view works from storage with classes in the Museum's Seminar Room (up to 20 students). Students may also request to view objects for their studies. If you would like assistance identifying objects in the collection that are relevant to your class topic, make a note on the request form. Please make your request at least two weeks in advance.

Complete the Academic Visit Request web form

Student Assignments

Students drawing in the Asian Gallery

Faculty in many disciplines such as education, history, and environmental studies, as well as art, regularly design course assignments using works in the galleries. Please be aware that objects on view may change throughout the year, so you may want to check the galleries before assigning work on a particular object. Please review the Guidelines for Visiting the Museum with your students before coming to the Museum.

Student Research

Student researching object in storage

Students who want access to Museum records to research a particular work in the collection must make an appointment in advance. Since it is not always possible to access records on short notice, students should plan ahead when making this request.

Contact: Margaret Tamulonis (email link), Manager of Collections and Exhibitions

Using Images of the Collection

Photographing an object from storage

Digital images of some objects in the Museum collection are available for use in courses, although restrictions are applied to their use.

Contact: Margaret Tamulonis (email link), Manager of Collections and Exhibitions


Image from the "Pop Art" exhibition

We encourage faculty to submit proposals to guest-curate exhibitions that highlight themes and issues relating to their scholarship. Exhibitions are generally planned two years in advance.

Contact: Andrea Rosen (email link), Curator

Undergraduate Courses

UVM art class meeting in the Museum's seminar room

The Fleming offers opportunities for experiential learning through courses taught at the Museum. We welcome proposals from faculty in art and other departments to design seminar courses that use the Museum collections.

Contact: Margaret Tamulonis (email link), Manager of Collections and Exhibitions

Work-Study Opportunities

UVM student working at the front desk

Work-study students hold positions as gallery attendants, visitor receptionists, and office assistant positions in the Education, Marketing, Curatorial and Collections departments of the Museum. Available positions are listed on the UVM Student Job Board accessible through the Student Employment Office website.

Fleming Contact: Jennifer Vanslette (email link), Work-study Coordinator

Internship Opportunities

A UVM student examines textiles in the Museum's storage area

Internships at the Fleming Museum of Art offers an exciting opportunity for those interested in a career in museums or the arts to gain crucial professional experience at one of Vermont’s premier museums of arts and culture. Students may work in the Museum’s collections management, education, or curatorial departments, depending on availability. Internships are offered in both the fall and spring semester, as well as the summer. Visit "Handshake" which is accessible from the Career Services web site for a complete listing of available internships, deadlines and how to apply.

Fleming Contact: Stephanie Glock (email link), Business Manager

Academic Membership Program for Vermont Colleges

UVM students view objects from storage

The Academic Membership Program offers new opportunities for area colleges to enhance academic and student life by making the Fleming's diverse exhibitions, programs, and events more accessible. Membership provides free admission, tours, and object viewings to the Fleming Museum for the students, faculty, and staff of an academic institution.

Colleges with Academic Memberships to the Fleming Museum currently include: UVM, Champlain College, and Community College of Vermont.

To learn more about the benefits of an academic membership and how to participate, contact: Stephanie Glock (email link), Business Manager

Guidelines for Visiting the Museum

  • Photography in the Museum is not permitted, except by prior written permission.
  • Only pencils may be used in the galleries; pens and other writing or art materials are not allowed.
  • Leave backpacks, large bags, and umbrellas in the coatroom before entering the Museum.
  • Do not bring food or drink into the galleries.
  • Do not touch the art.
  • Turn off your cell phones.
  • Respect any suggestions student gallery attendants may make to ensure the safety of the objects on display.
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Fee Schedule

Professor-Led Visits:

UVM and Academic Members - No charge with collge ID; Non-Member Institution - $3 Students, $5 Adults


Guided Class Visits:

UVM and Academic Members - No charge with college ID; Non-Member Institution - $5 per person, $40 minimum


View Stored Object:

UVM - No charge with college ID; Academic Member Institution - No charge with college ID, limit 6 objects; $25 for additional 6 objects. Non-Member Institution - $5 per person, $25 for 6 objects, $50 for 12 objects

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