User guides (formerly called "mini-manuals") are step-by-step documents designed to guide individuals through completing a task or activity on their own without attending training, or as a reference to remind the user of steps necessary to complete a task.

Accounting & Reporting

  • Available PeopleSoft Reports and Queries (PDF): Financials & HR
  • Chart of Accounts (COA) (PDF): Explanation of the structure and segments of UVM's COA.
  • Chartfield Values: Excel spreadsheets listing each of the PeopleSoft chartfield values recognized at UVM.
  • Combo Codes (PDF): The PeopleSoft Human Resources system uses combo codes to represent the chartstring, rather than typing out each individual chartfield value. Each combo code is associated with a distinct chartstring.
  • External Billing (Invoicing) of Non-Sponsored Customers (PDF): The PeopleSoft External Billing system allows users to send bills to entities (not individuals) outside UVM. University departments must be established within PeopleSoft as a Business Unit to bill customers.
  • Financial Reporting - Axiom
  • ​Financial Reporting - PeopleSoft
    • Basic Financial Reports (PDF): Covers the standard monthly reports for business managers. It includes Operating Budget Report, Monthly Budget Report of Projects and Closeout Report.
    • Commitment Control Reports (PDF): Covers in-depth reporting options that draw on data from the budget ledgers. It includes Budget Status Report, Budgets Overview Inquiry and Budget Transaction Detail Report.
    • General Ledger Reports (PDF): Covers in-depth reporting options that draw on data from the General Ledger. It includes Trial Balance Report, Ledger Inquiry Report and Ledger Activity Report.
    • Gift & Endowment Report (PDF): Covers the PeopleSoft Endowment & Gift report for funds 310, 311, 320, 321, 370, and 371.
  • Find a Deposit (PDF): How to find deposits quickly and efficiently with an ID number, or without an ID
  • Journal Entries (PDF): Journals are entries made to the PeopleSoft General Ledger to redistribute or reallocate money from one budget line to another.
  • Monthly Business Processes (PDF): A guide for financial business managers to complete monthly processes in both PeopleSoft Financials and Human Resources, including month-end close.
  • Non-Sponsored Projects (PDF) (updated 10/18): How to set up a non-sponsored project in PeopleSoft financials. Nonsponsored projects are any projects that are not grant-funded.
  • Pre-Paid Transactions (PDF): How to reconcile purchase/payments from the previous fiscal year.
  • Running Reports and Queries (PDF): PeopleSoft stores and processes large amounts of data related to UVM, its people, and its finances. Users are able to employ that data in practical ways by running Reports, Queries and Inquiries. This user guide offers the ability to learn more about what the database has to offer and provides instructions to make accessing data easy.
  • Spreadsheet Journal Upload: The Journal Upload is a PeopleSoft-delivered Excel spreadsheet with built-in macros. The spreadsheet is used to load a journal into PeopleSoft Financials where it can be edited, submitted, and posted.
  • Year-end (PDF): A comprehensive guide to key year-end processes.

Effort Reporting System (ERS)

Payroll & Forms, Salary Distribution, Time Entry & Approval

PeopleSoft Info & Tips

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