UVM's Space Inventory is jointly administered by Financial & Cost Accounting Services and Planning, Design & Construction.

Every UVM department must complete the annual Space Inventory to update information on:

  1. Space assignment, room type, and room occupants
  2. Functional activities and funding sources of rooms

Data collected through this inventory are key factors for assessing facilities and space costs for the University’s Incentive-based Budgeting (IBB) model, and providing important information for the University’s F&A (indirect costs), income/expense rates, program costing, and space management and planning.

FY24 space inventory

The space inventory process has been migrated to our new integrated workplace management system from FAMIS to PlanOn. More information on changes to the space inventory process to follow. 

Please note that space changes resulting from new construction and approved space transfers between colleges occuring during FY23 and through October 1, 2023 (FY24) were captured and reflected in the ASF inventory report used for IBB purposes.

Please contact Joanna.birbeck@uvm.edu and/or Lindsey.Donovan@uvm.edu.


Space Data & Associated Building Diagrams (Planning, Design & Construction)

Space Functional Classification (Financial & Cost Accounting Services)

Movable Equipment