ABSC Customer Communication

Effective with the 7/25 PurCard cycle, the following process will be implemented for all ABSC stakeholders:

  1. During their review of ABSC stakeholder PurCards, the Disbursement Center will contact customers directly if reimbursement is needed on a compliance-related PurCard item.
  2. If the Disbursement Center contacts you for reimbursement, complete the Deposit Transmittal Form (Excel). The Disbursement Center will provide the chartstring needed to complete the form when they contact you for reimbursement.
  3. Send a scan of your check and the Deposit Transmittal Form to the Disbursement Center. Remember to redact the account number when sending the scanned copy of the check. Add the PurCard journal ID and date.
  4. Write or stamp “UVM for Deposit Only” on the back of the check and send or bring the check and Deposit Transmittal Form directly to Treasury Services, 220 Waterman Building for deposit. If you are reimbursing with cash, you must bring the cash and Deposit Transmittal Form directly to Treasury Services. 
  5. Deans who previously submitted PurCards to the ABSC for compliance will now submit them to the Disbursement Center following the above process, and will have no interaction with the ABSC on PurCard issues.

The ABSC will continue to perform compliance activities on all PurCard cycles prior to 7/25 until complete.



PurCard Team